Tips on food and drink

Many issues relate to what you can eat and drink while taking Protocel. The answer is simple, you can basically eat or drink anything, if by all means regular diet unless such food supplements or special diets that are listed separately on page 165 of the book, for example, Essiac tea, flax seed oil, fish oil, C and E vitamin. But one should avoid sugar and fast carbohydrates that are mainly found in rice, pasta, potatoes, bread and juice. There is basically no home cooking that interfere Protocels effect.

When it comes to vitamin C it counteracts with the Protocel as it promotes the ATP production. The recommendations to avoid vitamin C food conserns supplements containing this vitamin or concentrated Vitamin C. Food that is rich in vitamin C, such as peppers – regardless of color – and kale, are fully approved to eat if you eat it in reasonable quantities. To eat half a kilo of pepper a day is not recommended.


There is a difference between slow and fast carbohydrates. The fast can be found in foods such as bread, rice, pasta, potatoes. Slow can be found in fruits, berries and vegetables. The fast carbohydrates are transformed to glucose, ie sugar, during digestion and therefore you should avoid it. The same goes for fruit which generally contain a lot of sugar. It is therefore a good idea to change potatoes, rice and pasta to vegetables for dinner. See more information about carbohydrates Here!

How can your diet look like

A typical dinner might consist of poultry, fish and sometime red meat or lamb. Replace the carbohydrate bombs (pasta, rice and potatoes) with vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, beets, carrots, broccoli and spinach.

For breakfast or snack you can eat a plate of yogurt or sour milk with some muesli and 3-4 boiled eggs. Look at the contents of the muesli and avoid the kinds with fruit and raisins. Look at the table of contents regarding carbohydrates and sugars. One can also make their own muesli, look here for low-carbohydrate muesli!

What you should not eat or drink

Absolutely forbidden is the so-called crunch-muesli. It is a real carbohydrate bomb, usually it is roasted in sugar or honey.

Bread also contains a lot of carbohydrates. It is not the carbohydrates in the bread itself that is not good, it is the flour. If you bake your own bread, use almond flour which is a suitable flour.

White bread is especially inappropriate. It provides high sugar peaks – starch is chains of glucose while white sugar is sucrose = equal parts of glucose and fructose, fructose goes to the liver for metabolism and glucose stays in the blood and increases the insulin, which the fructose don’t do.

Avoid fruit yogurt and especially drinking yoghurt. They contain a lot of sugar. A good beverage is water. A full-grown human being needs at least two liters of fluid a day, a hot summer day or if you excersice you need even more. If you should sin, do it the right way. For example, if you want to drink fruit juice, there is grapefruit juice, it contains compared to other juices only low levels of sugar, and it also makes the body alkaline.

If you want to make a treat for yourself, make a chocolate cake according to standard recipes in cookbooks but replace the sugar with stevia. Stevia is a relatively new natural sweetener that can be purchased in well-stocked supermarkets. Take the equal amount of stevia as sugar according to the recipe. Eating whipped cream in lots with the cake is OK. Ice cream and chocolate is almost the worst metabolic bomb imaginable. Sugar and fat, ie cream + sugar.

You can eat really good by choosing the right products. It is mainly the insulin we need to keep low and it is stimulated by glucose. An increase of insulin also causes an increase in insulin growth factor -1 (IGF-1).

Recipe Tip

“Bullet coffee” 1 tablespoon of coconut and 1 tablespoon butter mixed in a blender with strong coffee – use a blender with high edges, otherwise the fat mixture will sit on the kitchen walls. It is a good addition of fat and it is also filling.

Chocolate cake with stevia, see above. F.O. we can recommend everyone with cancer to give the body a few tablespoons of coconut oil to start off the day with. The entire art of LCHF is to increase the good saturated fats so that you are feeling full and not getting hungry.

A good recipe for cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.

Boil the cauliflower so you can mash with a fork. Blend with a little bit of olive oil until it has a good consistency, then you squeeze garlic to desired strength. It is both delicious and healthy in every way. Steamed Cauliflower is also very good with two 1 cm slices of butter in the bottom of the bowl before you mash with the fork. Even here you can add some garlic. The garlic is best treated in olive oil at the bottom of the bowl before pouring in the steamed cauliflower. You can even pour down brussels sprouts in olive oil. This recipe can be used for other vegetables, use your imagination.

Carbohydrates and sugar do not disturb Protocel, the main reason to avoid sugar and fast carbs is to minimize the risk of diseases for your well being. Everyone should minimize their sugar intake and cut down on fast carbohydrates. You simply feel better, lose some weight, and the insulin is kept on low levels – it also reduces the risk of disease in the future, such as diabetes.

We consume far too much sugar and fast carbs in our daily diet. Reduce the proportion of bread, rice, pasta and potatoes, and you will get a lot of benefits – weight loss, reduced risk of age-related diabetes, better dental health and more stamina during the day. Through a high sugar intake you get an energy boost that lasts only for a short while, then you get in a real slump and feel very tired. If you eat a greater share of carbohydrates, you get a more even bloodsugar-level. When eating bread the risk of hypersensitivity is increased. Given the increase of gluten-allergies, which really isn’t about the gluten, but hypersensitivity against other proteins in the seeds that has been created during the last 10-15 years when experimentet with strawlenght and straw stiffness etc. It is estimated that there is 30-40 new proteins with different amino acid sequences that can serve as a trigger for hypersensitivity.

/ By Karl E. Arfors.