We who wants to keep illnesses at distance should avoid fast carbohydrates.

To avoid fast carbohydrates we should eat vegetables such as broccoli and brussels sprouts as they contain healthy carbohydrates with slow degradation. Food that can be minimized or excluded are all carbohydrates or sugar chains that quickly is broken down to glucose, for example bread, potatoes, pasta and rice.

In the book ”Outsmart your cancer” it is stated that you can eat honey. This is unfortunately wrong. Professor Karl E Arfors, that we have partnered with, has noted that honey in all its forms (including medical honey) is an incredibly sweet product that is almost exclusively made up from glucose and fructose.

Compendium on diet

Professor Karl Arfors is continuously providing us with valuable advice about diet to prevent cancer, MS, Alzheimer and other inflammatory diseases, as well as promoting “a long life”. Karl has developed a compendium on diet that you can download here:

Link: Compendium on diet