About the importance of drinking water

It is important to drink a lot, about two liters a day. Is the summer heat amount can be increased to. Make it a habit to start the day with three glass !. Water has a cleansing effect on the body, toxins transported more easily from the body if you drink a lot. It is also water carrying nutrients in the body.

A tip regarding water quality is to start by asking the environmental administration in your municipality what the quality of the municipal water keeps. Good Municipal water is usually better than mineral water. Importantly, the low content of chlorine (chloride), fluorine (fluoride) and to some extent sodium (salt). The chlorine added to purify the water. This is done mainly on the water taken from the lake farther and carried miles and miles of pipes. If water is taken from the municipal deep-drilled well water is usually very high quality, and for the sake of purification may be enough that the UV-irradiated which is completely harmless. Fluoride is naturally present in water / mineral water. Mineral waters often contain high levels of sodium, which is a salt. Some mineral waters have even added sodium. We consume too much salt as it is today. Salts binds liquid so that it stays in the body. It is especially important to avoid too much salt for those who are kidney.

Testfakta concluded that tap water is usually healthier than mineral water as it contains less salt (sodium) and fluoride than mineral water.  Www.testfakta.se

The prestigious Frameless mineral water contains high levels of fluoride. 2.7 mg / l versus only 0.1 mg / l förLoka. But these waters are carbonated, and many believe that carbonated water is not healthy. A non-carbonated water we found, and who also have low levels of both chlorine (1.3 mg / L) and fluoride (0.1 mg / l), the ICA’s mineral water without gas from Modalkällan in Norway.

With its own water purifier is to be “on safer ground” and avoid the bottle-carrying to and from the store.

Water treatment

(Comments from MedNature) 

The book “Outsmart Your Cancer” by Tanya Harter Pierce suggests that you should drink distilled water. The book starts from the tap water in the US, which can be highly variable in quality. For Swedish conditions it is our assessment that a water purifier is enough.

Chlorination (hypochlorite) is necessary to reduce the bacterial load in our water system, but unfortunately kills chlorine also all kinds of cells, good and evil. It may also oxidise lipoproteins, and where the building atherosclerosis. And that chlorine can affect the efficiency of Protocel we know through the book “Outsmart Your Cancer”.Some of us have claws hypersensitivity to the degree that you have to rinse the laundry with water to reduce the chlorine.

In view of the above expenses, if the chlorine we have chosen a type cleaner that effectively reduces chlorine and also removes heavy metals, pesticides and drug residues.

The cleaner we offer a powder, KDF, copper and zinc. In contact with water, this provides a low voltage due to differences in electrode potentials, more simply put – as in a battery. This allows the chlorine easily get an electron and then converted the aggressive chlorine to the same harmless chloride, the same as found in common salt.These properties mean that even heavy metals like lead and mercury easily plated onto the KDF. Furthermore prevents stream that bacteria multiply in the carbon filter and effectively reduce pesticide and drug residues. The combination of KDF and activated carbon also makes the effect of the active carbon is extended by 5-15 times, ie 2-5 years. Without KDF have a carbon filter be changed at least 2 times / year. More info on KDF is available at: www.kdfft.com

Bench Models PCT, replaced in their entirety within 2 years, RCT, RCT-CP, replacement of the filter cartridge within 3 years. Undercounter Model US4, which is connected in series with the cold water pipe (changed entirely after 4-5 years) can also install it yourself, or a plumber.

More info about the topic water treatment, see our vendor’s website: www.cmiab.se. Jan Englund in the company is a living reference book in the industry, who can answer all kinds of questions.

Model Pictures, prices and possible. Customer discounts are available on our store page under water purifier.